• Eight Menifestations of Guru Rinpoche as Observed in the Calendar

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    At regular intervals, one day is dedicated to the Guru.  On each of these days, an event in his life is commemorated which corresponds to one of his eight forms. The first 3 in the year, beginning in the western lunar month after the winter solstice follow below.

    1. Guru Rinpoche renounces his kingdom, practices yoga and meditation in the  great charnel ground of Sitavana, [Cool Grove] and attains liberation.  Gathering under him the matrikas and dakinis, he is known as Guru Shantarakshita: Guardian [Protector] of Peace.

    2. Guru Rinpoche receives rabjung ordination from Buddha’s favourite disciple, Ananda.  He shows unparalleled understanding and mastery of both sutra and mantra, and is known as Guru Shakya Senge [Lion of the Shakyas] and, Guru Loden Choksé.  3. The king of Zahor tries to burn Guru Rinpoche alive.  But he transforms the fire into lake Rewalsar [tso- pema] which is located in Himalchal Pradesh in India and establishes the Dharma in the land of Zahor, taking Mandarava as his consort.  He is know as Guru Chimè Pemajugnè [Immortal Lotus-born].

    4. When Tirthikas [disputing philosophers] from South India attempt to harm the Buddha Dharma, Guru Rinpoche with his great power vanquishes them along with their gods and guardians.  Raising the Victory Banner of the Dharma, he is known as Guru Sengé Dradok- the Lion’s Roar.

    5. Birth of Guru Rinpoche, Guru Rinpoche Day: At sunrise Guru Rinpoche is miraculously born amidst dazzling radiance in a lotus bed on Lake Danakosha.  Turning the Wheel of Dharma for the dakinis, he is know as Guru Tsokyé Dorje – Guru, the Lotus-Born Vajra.

    6. The Tirthikas from Tamradvipa throw Guru Rinpoche into the Ganges.  Rising from the water, he reverses the flow of the river and performs a Vajra Dance in the sky.  The Tirthikas are inspired with devotion, and begin to follow the Dharma.  Guru Rinpoche is known as Guru Khading Tsal- Guru soaring in the sky like the garuda.

    7. Guru Rinpoche takes the form of Vajrakumara at Yang Leshö in Nepal, and subdues the local deities and negative forces.  He performs the sadhana of Palchen Yangdak and atttains the Vidyadhara stage of Mahamudra realization.  He is know as Guru Dorje Tötreng- Vajra Guru, Garland of Skulls.

    8. Guru Rinpoche arrives in central Tibet.  He subdues all the hostile negative forces, founds the great monastery of Chö-Khor Pal-gyi Samyé and lights the lamp of the Holy Dharma of the Sutra and Mantra teachings.  Guiding his twenty-five disciples and the king to liberation he is known as Padmasambhava, the Lotus-Born Guru.