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    Monks & Devotees inside the Hall

    Monks & Devotees inside the Hall

    •    We are organising ”VAJRA GURU DHONGDRUP” i.e a prayer to Guru Rinpoche by invoking mantra “Om! Ah Hung Vajra Guru Padma Sidhi Hung” for 100 million times. This prayer ceremony is being held at the statue of Guru Padma Shambhava at Samdruptse Hill, Namchi, Sikkim, India during the month of September/October every year co-inciding with the festival of Dassain/Dashera (Durga Puja) Holiday. One of the purpose to hold this prayer during the period is to provide relief to millions of animals killed during the festival.

    First of such prayer was held in 2006. Prayer is recited for the benefit of all sentient beings in the world.

    •    We are also organizing the ceremony of Guru Thungkar (Birth Day of Guru Padmasambhava) and other important prayers at the statue.

    •    Under the patronage of Dr.Pawan Chamling, The Hon’ble Chief Minister of Sikkim and under the guidance of H.E.Serdup Dungzin Rinpoche of Namchi, Sikkim, we have set out for a task which we beleive will help all sentient beings in the world. Through this process we hope to send the message of love and peace to the world.

    Every single devotee’s participation will mean blessings to us.

    Comments of any kind will help us improve and plan the event in more meaningful way. Please provide us with your feedback at :
    email id: gurupadmasambhava@yahoo.in