• Vajra Guru Dhongdrup 2010: THANK-YOU DEVOTEES.

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    “Vajra Guru Dhongdrup 2010”One of the annual mega event at the statue of Guru Padmasambhava at Samdruptse Hill, Namchi, South Sikkim, India started on 03.10.2010 and concluded on 17.10.2010. Devotees and monks from all over Sikkim, Darjeeling, Kalimpong and other places participated in the ceremony. Over 120 Millions of Vajra Guru Mantra were recited during the period. This year the ceremony was graced by H.E.Domang Yangthang Rinpoche and H.E.Serdup Dungzin Rinpoche.  Dorji Lobon, Khenpos and other senior monks from most of the monasteries also attended the ceremony. On 12.10.2010  Dr.Pawan Chamling, Hon’ble Chief Minister of Sikkim graced the ceremony. On 17.10.2010 H.E.Domang Yangthang Rinpoche initiated “wang” to the monks and devotees.



    Recitation of Vajra Guru Mantra were done all over the world, as far as Mexico and the counts were provided to the organising committee. All the counts provided were included in this year’s version. Organising Committee extends its sincere gratitude to all those who participated in the process and regret in our inability to do so individually.

    Our sincere gratitude to our Hon’ble Chief Minister, Dr.Pawan Chamling, who is also our Chief Patron. Ceremony of this magnitude is only possible due to his support and encouragement. May he live long.

    We also like to express our sincere thanks to all Dorji Lobon, Khenpos and Head Lamas of all monasteries for their presence, support and guidance. We cannot forget our monks, anyis and devotees who despite indifferent climate of samdruptse, attended the ceremony and were always smiling.

    All our volunteers from Namchi and adjoining areas deserves Kudos for a job well done. It is indeed an example of a responsibility shouldered and executed well by a team.

    We must look for our mistakes as a source of learning. We know, despite our best efforts, we failed at several quarters. We will definitely try to rectify these mistakes in our next edition of Vajra Guru Dhongdrup. Any inconvinience caused to any monks, devotees, tourists is sincerely regretted.

    Please join us in our next edition of Vajra Guru Dhongdrup 2011.









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    1About Guru Rinpoche according to Jamgon Kongtrul
    The following is a short story of Guru Rinpoche, also referred to as Padmasambhava or Padmakara in the text, extracted from the Precious Garland of Lapis Lazuli, a collection of life stories of the 108 main tertöns written by Jamgon Kongtrul the First and found in Volume I of his Treasury of Precious Termas called the Rinchen Terdzod. Rinchen Terdzod is a highly revered and widely practiced set of historic Sadhanas and Terma practice cycles and commentaries which was envisioned by Rime movement founders and compiled mainly by Kongtrul:

    “Padmakara has influenced countless beings through the Vajrayana teachings and in particular through the activity of the profound terma treasures. This great master was not an ordinary person on the path or just a noble being on one of the bodhisattva bhumis but an emanation of both Buddha Amitabha and Shakyamuni who appeared in order to tame the human beings and spirits difficult to convert. Even the great bodhisattvas are incapable of fully explaining his life example but in brief I will narrate it as follows: Read the rest of this entry »

  • Eight Menifestations of Guru Rinpoche as Observed in the Calendar

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    At regular intervals, one day is dedicated to the Guru.  On each of these days, an event in his life is commemorated which corresponds to one of his eight forms. The first 3 in the year, beginning in the western lunar month after the winter solstice follow below.

    1. Guru Rinpoche renounces his kingdom, practices yoga and meditation in the  great charnel ground of Sitavana, [Cool Grove] and attains liberation.  Gathering under him the matrikas and dakinis, he is known as Guru Shantarakshita: Guardian [Protector] of Peace.

    2. Guru Rinpoche receives rabjung ordination from Buddha’s favourite disciple, Ananda.  He shows unparalleled understanding and mastery of both sutra and mantra, and is known as Guru Shakya Senge [Lion of the Shakyas] and, Guru Loden Choksé.   Read the rest of this entry »

  • The Syllable by Syllable Commentary Explaining the Benefits and Advantages of the Vajra Guru Mantra

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    By the great tertön Karma Lingpa (14th century)

    The Vajra Guru Mantra is the mantra associated with Guru Rinpoche, also known as Padmasambhava. This is a draft translation of a treasure text which explains the Vajra Guru Mantra. It was originally concealed during the time of Padmasambhava in Tibet and later rediscovered by Karma Lingpa (14th century) who brought it forth from its place of concealment and copied it down on reams of gold. It is simply known as “The Syllable by Syllable Commentary Explaining the Benefits of the Vajra Guru Mantra.” It begins with an invocation and then goes into a dialogue between Yeshe Tsogyal, the spiritual consort of Padmasambhava, and Padmasambhava himself.

    And so, Yeshe Tsogyal begins:

    I, the woman Yeshe Tsogyal, having offered to you the inner and outer mandala on a vast scale, have the following request. Oh great teacher, Pema Jungne, you have been extremely kind to us, the Tibetan people, leaving for us a legacy that will benefit us now and in future lives. Your kindness is so great that we have never experienced anything like this before, nor will we ever experience anything like this in the future. In particular, so that now even though I am a humble person, I have no doubt that I will attain enlightenment. Read the rest of this entry »

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